Roundtable Online Learning

We all go through an awkward self-discovery phase. We experiment with the way we speak, the way we dress, the way we style our hair… until one day our personal identities snap into focus. Brand identities are no different. When we partnered with Roundtable Online Learning, the brand was struggling to define its personality and its place in the market. Our solution helped establish the Roundtable voice, and gave the company the tools to digitally tell its story on the web and social media.

Website Development

Website Development


A great website is one of the most important front-facing assets for any brand because it builds credibility and is often the first point of customer contact. After helping Roundtable establish its brand identity, we designed a versatile website that beautifully captured the company's unique personality and multiple value propositions. Powered by a modified version of the ExpressionEngine content management system, our solution gives Roundtable complete editorial control, making it easy to add new content on the fly. It's also optimized for mobile display, so it looks great on popular tablets and smart phones.

Content Marketing & Social Community Management

Combine strategic content marketing with a methodical approach to social media engagement and community management and you'll get one of the most powerful lead-generation solutions available to brands today. Our content marketing team uses both of these tactics to help guide Roundtable prospects along the buyer's journey to eventual product adoption. Blogging, email marketing, landing pages, social media content curation - for our friends at Roundtable, everything seamlessly works together to support a common goal: generating and qualifying leads.

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