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When your core product offering is taken for granted as a commodity, it’s almost impossible to grow your sales and your share of the market. We helped Phillips 66 thrive by giving both consumers and oil marketers something else to get excited about… value. Our highly effective consumer sweepstakes and rebate campaigns inject fun and excitement into the otherwise negative oil change experience. On the other side of the equation, we made it easier than ever for Phillips 66 marketers to grow the installer base.

Consumer Sweepstakes

Consumer Sweepstakes

Nobody gets excited about an oil change. Everybody gets excited about winning free gas. This simple truth led to a hugely successful consumer sweepstakes program that drove traffic to Phillips 66 installers, boosted sales and gave marketers a compelling benefit to offer new installer prospects. It also created a giant database of customer data, perfect for targeted re-marketing efforts, including special offers that continued to drive traffic back to the installer base.

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Marketer Business Building Tools

Oil marketers have a difficult job. They travel door-to-door attempting to convince auto repair shops (installers) to purchase their bulk oil products. We knew that if we could make life easier for oil marketers, we could not only help Phillips 66 sell more product, but also attract more dedicated marketers to spread the Phillips 66 gospel. So, we created a set of tools that did exactly that. Product sell sheets, in-store POS materials, installer-specific promotions - we assembled an arsenal of powerful weapons like these so that oil marketers could go out into the field with guns blazing.

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Consumer Rebates and Fulfillment

Consumer Rebates and Fulfillment

When consumers shop around for an oil change, they generally look for the lowest advertised price. In the competitive automotive aftermarket, that can be a hard battle to win. So, we developed a cost-effective consumer rebate program that brought the premium Phillips 66 product closer in line with less expensive motor oils from competing brands. Factor in predictable rebate breakage rates and suddenly our client is able to compete on price without having to foot the entire bill. And, thanks to our on-site consumer rebate fulfillment center, Phillips 66 enjoyed a complete solution from start to finish.

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