Health Action Council

Content Development and Sales Support that helps HAC Connect.

The Health Action Council serves as a resource and advocate for employers who offer health benefits and wellness services to their employees, dependents and retirees. The non-profit organization is a leader in finding ways to improve the quality, safety, efficiency and affordability of healthcare.

HAC operates in an industry that is constantly changing. Their stakeholders rely on HAC to serve as an expert resource and advocate through each policy change and market trend. We help HAC refine their messaging and efficiently utilize communication channels to support their members.

Content Development and Social Media Management

Content Development and Social Media Management

Great content is only effective when part of a comprehensive plan. We helped HAC develop a Social Playbook to direct their online presence, and a Brand Voice Guide to ensure their efforts all serve a common purpose.

We support HAC’s efforts to deliver industry insight and guidance to its members by helping develop frequent blog updates, informative webinars, and a vibrant social media presence.

Sales Tools for Health Action Council

Health Action Council is constantly working to strengthen their group buying power by bringing in new members. We help HAC showcase the benefits of membership to prospective members. The tools and collateral we provide are designed to condense and visualize HAC’s wide operational scope in a way that is succinct and easily understandable.

Infographic for the health action council

sales kit for the health action council

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