Credit First National Association

CFNA already understood the importance of a salesforce incentive program for motivating and engaging employees. But, when their existing program started showing its age and results tapered off, they didn’t know how to get back on track. With decades of experience in creative, effective salesforce incentive solutions, we helped CFNA turn a dying program into a thriving powerhouse.

CFNA Rewards Employee Incentive Program

CFNA Rewards Employee Incentive Program

Re-imagining an incentive program for the digital age.

CFNA's paper-based incentive program was time-consuming and difficult to manage. Not mention, results were impossible to track, making it hard to measure effectiveness and make appropriate adjustments. So, we built an online platform that made it faster and easier for the sales team to participate and stay informed. We also handled program administration and customer service, which removed major bottlenecks for CFNA. In fact, our client has been so satisfied with the positive impact on employee performance that the program continues to expand year.

Responsive design online rewards program
Responsive Online incentive program
Reporting for high level administrative users
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