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Bridgestone operates one of the largest, most successful auto care franchises in the country. Like any successful business, it didn’t happen by accident. It happened through strategic, creative marketing decisions targeted not only at consumers, but also internally at Bridgestone’s work force. Check out the stories below to see how our solutions are helping Bridgestone stay on top of the auto care industry.

TPR Club Salesforce Incentive Program

TPR Club Salesforce Incentive Program

mobile app design and desktop display
tire sales contest for teammates


Firestone Tires Plus and Wheel Works

Motivating one of the largest workforces in the automotive aftermarket

With a diverse workforce spanning multiple brands and hundreds of locations across the country, delivering a consistent, effective reward program that motivates and engages employees to perform at their best demands rock-solid strategy and flawless execution. Our innovative, web-based incentive platform gave Bridgestone the ability to offer unique rewards by brand, location, time of year or virtually an other criteria necessary. Our solution also provided access to valuable performance data - from regional analytics down to individual employee statistics. That made it easy to see which locations were performing and why.

Online Rebate Programs

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Driving sales from online to in-store

For most consumers, auto care purchases are need-based decisions that are heavily influenced by value and timing. With this insight, we helped Bridgestone create an online rebate program that put valuable, timely offers in front of consumers in a web-based environment. Our mobile-optimized solution made it easy for customers to find and redeem seasonal offers on a wide range of products. We also coordinated the back-end fulfillment of these offers, from fraud protection services and check distribution to customer support.

In-Store and Exterior Point-of-Sale

In-Store and Exterior Point-of-Sale


Cutting through the clutter at the point of sale

Bridgestone was having trouble effectively communicating their promotional offers in the chaotic retail environment. Our solution brought consistency and better visibility to the messaging while staying true to established brand guidelines.

Collateral and Teammate Training Materials

training dvd carrier for firestone, tires plus and wheelworks
Brochure for Bosch Spark Plugs for Firestone and Tires Plus
This is a brochure & carrier for a local business benefits plan


Achieving better sales through better training materials

The ability of any sales team to effectively sell new products and services correlates directly with the quality of the available training materials. With this understanding, we helped Bridgestone produce consistent, brand-centric educational collateral that made it easy for the sales team to digest and act upon new information.

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