Boa Technology

Boa, a footwear technology company, figured out how to replace shoelaces with an innovative fastening system that offered customers a better fit. While the product was well-received within the athletic and medical industries, educating and converting new customers remained a challenge. That’s when Boa turned to us for a marketing solution that could not only engage new customers, but also build a database to support ongoing marketing efforts.

Scratch & Win Game Trade Show App

Scratch & Win Game Trade Show App

Boa needed help engaging with prospects at industry trade shows and at golfing events within targeted markets. A prophetic marketing solution engaged consumers with an interactive iPad app that showcased Boa's innovative product. At the same time, our app enticed prospects to share personal data for a chance to win cool prizes. This data was then used for ongoing marketing initiatives aimed at nurturing leads and converting new customers.


App Landing Screen
Adidas App Question screen
Footjoy App Scratch n Win Screen
Footjoy App Data Collection screen

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