Best Laid Plans

Managing Multiple Agencies: Many Perspectives, One Direction

To contend with a dynamic marketing landscape, most organizations hire multiple marketing agencies. Chances are, your organization can handle two or three channels well in-house. The same is true for most agencies. But in a complex marketing world comprised of inbound and outbound, content, social media, paid, organic and much more, specialization is necessary to generate significant ROI. More

How to Build a Content First Business

The definition of content marketing may be pretty straightforward, but the successful creation, curation, and distribution of said content can be a major challenge. Joe has authored the Content Inc. Model as an instructional guide for those who want to excel in content marketing. More

Promotions and Incentives are Magnets for Millennials

In a world of fast-paced digital chatter it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. And, now that digital-savvy Millennials are officially the largest consumer base (and still growing), getting lost means missing out on new opportunities by the second. More