Best Laid Plans

5 Easy Tips for Better Ad Agency Results

Partnering with a marketing, advertising or sales promotion agency can be a highly effective strategy for growing your business and driving revenue. It can also be a costly, frustrating experience if you fail to lay the groundwork for a successful agency relationship. To help you avoid this fate, we’ve assembled… More

Prophetic Chronicles 2: Funnels, Hangovers, and Springtime Brews

For last Friday’s agency brainstorm session, the marketing team gathered to sip some springtime brews while discussing hot topics and industry news. Here’s our take on content lifecycle, Pedialyte for hangovers, and more. More

Prophetic Chronicles 1: Content Engagement, Ad Retargeting & India Pale Ales

The marketing team at Prophetic has an unquenchable thirst for creativity, collaboration and ice cold beer. That’s why we gather every Friday for a no-holds-barred, agency-wide brainstorming session.

During the session we explore fresh trends in marketing, and we uncover exciting new opportunities to bring our… More