Exploring a Multiverse of Possibilities in Cleveland, Akron & Beyond.

Exploring a Multiverse of Possibilities in Cleveland, Akron & Beyond.

We are thrilled to be featured in the latest issue of Crain’s Cleveland Business. The theme of this week’s issue is the current upward trajectory of growth and revitalization spreading across the greater Cleveland, Akron region.

We can confidently say that the Prophetic office is a microcosm encapsulating a kindred sense of infinite possibility. Here’s our theory:

Marketing in a Multiverse

According to the multiverse hypothesis, which attempts to describe the entirety of literally everything, any reality that CAN exist, DOES exist. Perhaps, even simultaneously.

This is the mindset creative agencies need to embrace in order to help brands leverage an increasingly expanding set of channels in a race toward infinity.

Content marketing, inbound/outbound, paid, organic, print, broadcast, B2B, B2C, B2XYZ. Each channel is a thriving universe, a reality, unto itself. We must be prepared to simultaneously exist within all of them - and, possibly, none of them.

That’s because effective marketing is ultimately about solutions. Not solutions for brands. Not solutions for channels. Not solutions for consumers.

Solutions for people.

Forget Digital vs. Traditional. Think: Unconditional.

Certainly by now it’s cliché to talk about the continued growth of digital marketing as anything other than what it really is – the latest opportunity to do what effective marketing and advertising has always done.

If we want to continue building meaningful solutions for people, we must be increasingly prescient in anticipating precisely how, when and where people want to be led.

This was true when Marconi invented the radio. When Al Gore invented the internet. And, especially now, as social media pushes us deeper into the Age of the Customer.

We are thrilled to be part of the infinite future of Cleveland, Akron and the marketing discipline. As always, we’ll be here helping brands make sense of it all.


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